A downloadable game for Windows

LAB V3.0 is a full remake of  the original lab, rebuilt from scratch it sports new features such as:
- mouse aiming
- saving and loading 
- high resolution hardware accelerated graphics (original was low res and software rendered)
- supports 4K monitors
- reconfigurable controls
(also enemies are now tougher)

Older versions (playable in browser):
V 2.0 https://mutantleg.itch.io/lab
V 1.0 https://bigdino.com/play/1605/LAB

Check out Wobblyfootgamer's full walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1lDkFRmW4BUNUL64WHnDVsvn7I3BMW6C

09/12/2018 - V3.01 Patch - fixing minor issues
09/21/2018 - V3.02 Patch - improved guns and fx
06/03/2019 - V3.03 Patch - minor fixes


LAB_v30.ZIP 4 MB
LAB_v301.ZIP 4 MB
LAB_v302.ZIP 4 MB
LAB_v303.ZIP 4 MB

Development log


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It bring me back to the first day I play DOOM

Great work. I re-made my video ¨sample¨ of LAB V 3.0. I hope you enjoy it!

Great soundtrack.

Video by: Dex Valkish.

Still nice!

Thanks for watching and comment.

good game

Thank you for the review!

Hey, I really love this game. I've been speedrunning it for a little while now and i've submitted it to speedrun.com! it's been accepted and is now available for runs to be submitted for anyone interested :) Really well done on creating this game its so fun :D 


Glad you enjoyed it!
Awesome run!

(2 edits)

Can i use game resources(and maps) in my game? (without proprietary music)

I saw opengameart page with repacked sprites and tiles. But i already parse game resources and make 2d/3d html5 render/walker to reveal secrets and want convert it into game, expand and replace content in future.

May be modification of existing game motivate me to make something finished :P

Yes, my LAB obsession continues.

Sure thing!

Some help with the formats: https://pastebin.com/GmkUnt2m

Thanks, i'm already decode rest of structure yesterday. But i have some questions:

Some sprites/entities have name like "trig_vis\0ll\0\xcd..." (\xcd just trash from buffer, and text actually null-terminated string?) and i saw some trig_pushleft2\0someting that don't work. What is it? (example at two cobras bfg door) Or trigger's advanced logic hard coded?

How last level brain activates cobra's doos? It's have trig 900 and active trig_explowall, but cobra's doors have id 164, and i can't find trigger for it.

Skin id described in source? For my decoder i just using manual assotiation.

Yes they are all null terminated (and yes some maps are filled with trash and leftover out of their bounds)
I guess the pushwall not working is the occasional bug (it's just nobody reported them because if a pushwall doesn't work you have no idea .. but thats the beauty of it it's not a bug if nobody knows)
The brain is hard-coded to activate all triggers (regardless of id) upon defeat
Skin is only used by the editor (internal sprite id,  but only for editor sprites)
Speaking of i really should release the editor (if you are interested that is) it's just i need to pummel it into
shape first (like by adding undo or something) also  i somehow broke it with a patch and i'm not sure how (it loads maps with errors, with wrong sprites or with walls missing)

(1 edit)

I think i can write browser based editor with map(original formated) downloading. It's easy in compare to real game with live mobs. I even can do static game walker with full in-game editing online. (Just based on existing information + nee read wall flags)

May be in next weekend because too busy onto work-week.

At this weekend nights, i already make map viewer who can open maps online from published game folder. (Unpacked resources archive).

One version shows 2d top-down view, other real flight over map in 3d, but with one sized sprites (i'm don't set size manually). HTML+WebGL (Vue.js, ReGL)

IRL i want more difficult task. But every time when i write new game, i just demotivated before it's view cool.

With LAB, it's already loved game (finished 8+ times), with existing maps.

I want to recreate original game, with online platform. (Can share source, if you want online HTML5 version with originally tuned parameters)

Then i want convert box based levels into something like doom (keep gameplay), but portals instead of BSP and expand it. As final i want rooms with independent space-metric to achieve unlimited-sized levels without "loading" and ship flight mechanics. But it all needs more time, and motivation. Every time when i try write something, it's runes by ugly view and no game play earlier than i write it with too complex engine. Countless times i parse other games and make map viewer, or scrap info (like morrowind alchemy search with deep respawn analytics). But i just can't write something own too simple to be playable in first 3 motivated days.

Sorry for alot of text, i just slightly obsession about gamedev from childhood, and now in my twenty eight years, i stay have no games other than tetris like because more knowledge make me more wishes.

Send me your email, if you want some private links to online implementation. abnessor gmail

Yea i'm in the same boat, i got so many projects going on at once i lost track of them long ago (also LAB took 20 years if i count from when i first started coding)
But from what i hear this is a very common problem  for developers (it's just nobody ever talks about it)
Strangely enough figuring out how to finish a game is the holy grail of game development, it so simple yet its so hard

Anyway i sent you an email

I'am think i found bug with secret.

I incomplete decode .spr fields, but i can't find way to open this secret in-game too.


une banane

(1 edit)

It's best! Only at 6th walk-through i noticed unbreakable objects breaking with grenades.

And only with map decoding i could find first level mega secret.

Thanks you for Blake Stone, but you game is my best! I want more! I play it more than 95% my steam library with 350+ games!
And +to @xpt, you have plans to expanding game, or only improove existing content?

I'm intrigued and humbled by your obsession of this game (though i can recommend a few more better ones if you want me to)

Thats just how steam works i guess, you end up grabbing a lot of games you don't really want just because they are on sale

The lack of extra content is due that i actually suck at making games (or at least very slow at it, this game took me forever to make)

(2 edits)

Maybe i like your game, just because i'm bored with rpg, and too much visualized games.

But your game like fresh breath, with simple graphics and easy controls.

The latest time i most played in 2D games, like Crimsonland and other 10tons, and management games like factorio. Too tired with quake, and too uncomfortable with doom (i tried most emulators, but hmm, just feeling wrong).

Your game for me, like symbol about, simple graphics and 2.5D also can be enjoyably.

I try write games lot of times, and every time i buried up under premature optimization and too big list of wants, to make it while free time... But you make it's so good without all of this shit, what i want in my games. And it's just magnificent.

I tryed to remake your game, with hope about extend and make my own. But unfortunately, i can't just write simple game. I can't just keep simple 8byte per field map like you, and make maps manually. I need to make large maps with ray-tracing to render optimization, with real entity system and multiplayer sync, with variable field height and AI lieutenant that controls other, with map generation and portal vision... And i can't make in over night or two before burred under work tasks... And when i understand it, i just play LAB again to find more secrets... (= It's story of two last weeks. Under that time, i wrote simple game (js webgl reGL, no engine) two times, and both time stacked with no ideas how to solve problems because i can't restrict myself with features, and can't freeze api.

Sorry for my English and nagging.

Premature optimisation is something everyone suffers from (it always starts with being smart, thinking ahead to make your life easier
and then the opposite happens).. and to make things worse it goes hand in hand with feature creep
(LAB is also a victim of all of these, the flash one has a full software renderer written from scratch .. because ironically it was faster to use the flash triangles than making a raycaster .. not to mention it actually supports taller levels and jumping, i just never ended up using it )
Anyway, In the end projects get finished by sheer persistence over time so don't worry about it

Btw there is quite a large amount of Wolf3D mods out there (i cannot think of any on top of my head to recommend right now, but there are many)

(1 edit)

I begin writing more pure project. Just trying to do cells with walls (floor, ceiling, hwall, vwall, blockentity) (random generated with auto floor  transition  https://imgur.com/a/ehup1Fq ) and webgl instanced rendering with ray-traceing to achieve 60 FPS on my test PC (9800GT on linux).

Just trying to finish basic level rendering and pew pew, without jumps and other 60+ first planned features...

Unfortunately, now i have no time to do it, because i'm buried under work as system administrator.

If i could do anything playable, i write you link, and obviously write about my game being inspired by LAB. (=

Looks good so far, i'm looking forward to playing it (it already looks more advanced with the sloped walls)

It's the best mini-game what i played at this year (=

I can hope to new level in near future?

PS: i reg here to write this, and can't find buy/donate button

Glad you enjoyed it!
It takes me forever to make levels (so only in the very far future)
Nah this is what you call a freeware game

(1 edit) (+1)

Just finished third time...

After second time, i been try to play wolf3d, and doom, but understanded that don't want finish them and want back to LAB.

I don't known why. But it's game feeling very additive for me...

Now if i have time and will, i want to write clone with textures at opengameart. And may be more than just clone setting.

Or just play fourth time. Pew pew... May be with baton this time. XD


Glad you enjoyed (and still enjoying) it!
Btw you might want to try out Blake Stone as well (it was one of the main inspirations behind this game)


Hi, I stumbled upon this game (well, the 2.0 version actually) by chance and I would like to use it as stimuli for the experiment I'm going to do as part of my thesis. Would you be ok with that?



By the way, could I ask you a favor?

My thesis leader requires me to use centrain online app for the experiment (It allows for timestamping the access, measure how long the people actually spend playing the game, etc. ) Thing is, itch.io doesn't really allows for the games to be embeded in other sites, and while download as exe is convinient for all other situations, it's not really what I need.

I don't ask for the game files. Just a flash version, or some embedable link, so I could put it to the site my leader requires. Would it be possible?

(1 edit)

Sure thing, I added the .swf only version to the V2 page:
https://mutantleg.itch.io/lab (labv2_download.swf)

You are a hero!


I finished analyzing the results of my experiment, so, I thought I would share them with you, as thank you, of sorts, for your help.

As far as I can tell, your game doesn't cause nightmares, sleep loss, problems with getting asleep. So, it's probably safe for children to play. That being said, from other data I've collected, it seems that people who game more, are less satisfied with the quality of their sleep, but actually have better sleeping habits then the rest.  Take from that what you will.

Intriguing.. so it was a sleep based experiment all along?
Hmm.. I guess considering my bizarre sleeping habits i should play with my own games more often..


This is the next installment and honestly, I don't why I didn't finish it. Maybe next episode!

oh no why did you overwrite your save in the end? :O

yeaaaaaah. I didn't realize that till after. Did I screw up?

sort of,  i  mean you got it down to the last room in that save :(

I dont have to start over??

well that's the thing: you have to do now because you overwrote your save

(1 edit) (+1)

OOOOOOOOOOOH that doom/woolfenstein style!

Ok so i just played the game and it is amazing dude! good job!

Part 6 is live! Mutant, we are almost done with your awesome game, sad but oh so worth it! 

You're almost there, mantises are a lot easier when not in an open area (and there are only three of them this time)
Anyway the latest version might help a bit if you got framerate problems as i rewrote the rendering in it (just copy over the config and save folder and you are good to go.. that is if you want to try it)

Frames worked like a charm after a few tweaks! Thanks for the info!

Part 5 is live! We inch ever closer to the end...it will be a sad day once this is all over. But we can enjoy while it lasts!

Nice! (some foreshadowing: I already feel bad for making 'unknown' )

Finally time for pt 4! Will this be the end or will the LAB keep our fearless hero in its grasp? Watch to find out!

That was intense O_o  (i kinda feel bad about overpowering them so much)
(So the new version didn't worked after all? )

Pt 3 of our walk through. We take on the mantis (manti?) 

Uhoh, i guess i made the mantis too tough after all.. 
but there is no trick or puzzle they just have a lot of health

Tough yes, but I'm determined to take them down even if it means 3 hours! No video this week but next monday will be the new one!

No worries, in the meantime i added a new patch that might make it easier
(it should be compatible with old save files)

Awesome! I'll try it out. Looking forward to it. And if you need any games reviewed or whatnot, let me know! I'd be stoked to try em out


Part 2 of the walkthrough. No glitches this time! (At least I hope not lol) happy watching! 

Yay!  Glitches are on me this time, the flooded lab didn't add the water .. i better patch that.. (as soon as i figure out why that happens that is)
Anyway,  the health counting down is another one of those fps tropes im so used to it never occured to me it wont be obvious (it counts back to 100 if you got too much,  you are not poisoned or anything.. but then again you are eating sandwiches off the floor so who knows)

Awesome game! We take out Guy Smiley in our first LAB missions! Kudos mutant....

Thanks!  The picture seems to stop at about 11 30  though :(
These vids help a lot actually, i never thought that it wouldn`t be
obvious that you can change guns (i've been playing way too many fps games)

Of course. Credit where its due.  Yeah, it stopping is embarrassing, I have no clue why it did that..I'll address that in the video coming today...Same here!

Woooooot, It's back, it's been upgraded it's as good as ever and it's Monster-Tastic.



I've finished Lab V3 and loved it. Thank you so much for the mention in the credits *claps* and parts 5 to 15 are uploading now. It's 00:35 time  and for sleeps



Woah, you steamrolled through em pretty quickly (even the Mantis boss didn't gave you trouble) Anyways, glad you enjoyed it!

It was great to play Lab V3. I'm going to have chat with a few friends as i'd like to see 1 or 2 of mobs as an actual cuddly toy. I'll be in touch. :)