A downloadable game for Windows

LAB V3.0 is a full remake of  the original lab, rebuilt from scratch it sports new features such as:
- mouse aiming
- saving and loading 
- high resolution hardware accelerated graphics (original was low res and software rendered)
- supports 4K monitors
- reconfigurable controls
(also enemies are now tougher)

Older versions:
V 2.0 https://mutantleg.itch.io/lab
V 1.0 https://bigdino.com/play/1605/LAB

Check out Wobblyfootgamer's full walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1lDkFRmW4BUNUL64WHnDVsvn7I3BMW6C
(once it gets fixed)

Check out Birds0And0Games'  walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_fI8Xqc6qwRBongtuo3IRa1BtMbS-bjt

Check out Birds0And0Games channel who made the CheatEngine LAB trainer
(also seifmagdi's channel who helped out with the latest trainer)

if you wish to support me in some way please consider getting a copy of Zortch (or at least try the demo)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, Monsters, Pixel Art, Remake
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


LAB_v306.zip 4 MB
LAB (v306) Trainer by Birds0And0Games (for CheatEngine) 57 kB
Cheats guide by Birds0And0Games 1 kB

Development log


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hey, just a question.
what game engine did you use for this?

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it's a custom one (c++, opengl)

(and the original was also a custom one - just inside flash with as3)




I liked it.Good job


When do u publish a new LAB update?

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what sort of updates are you thinking of? 馃
as far as I'm concerned the game is complete.. apart from making sure it runs on new windows versions I don't plan any updates


Completed this in 1h 20m Good fun, really got to loving the grenades once I ran out of bullets.

The Boss was a little underwhelming, was I supposed to blow him up?

the end boss is pretty much just a puzzle
the idea was that if you figure it out you can win without a fight

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I just killed everything, then bashed open a pane of glass and threw a nuke in there. Watches speedrun, Oh I see.


https://i.imgur.com/BKZ1cSs.mp4 Aparently this game is very stressful

it's sad that my generation is already corrupting the youth 馃様

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Returning to this ABSOLUTE CLASSIC after completing Zortch. Good god, these games are so fun and solidly designed!


I used cheats in my video lol 


it's still so strange to me that people are still interested in Lab (maybe I should stick to making wolf3d clones 馃)
is the crash at 9:00 with the grenades?


no it has to do with my OHKO scripts/invincibility scripts when disabling  or enabling both that do the opposite of what's enabled causing this crash


part 2 is released!!! 


I wonder if we will have an editor for LAB too lmao


updated cheats.txt for a misunderstood cheat https://www.mediafire.com/file/htyucy7qn9obv1k/Cheats.txt/file

this seems the be the nekkrobox cheat txt 馃


oops my bad I was in a hurry because of my parents being impatient on this lil thing here is the LAB one https://www.mediafire.com/file/454yxnf02inw7of/Cheats.txt/file

ok, I updated it 馃憤

(3 edits) (+1)


LAB walkthrough (secrets are fun to get)

cool! 馃憤
(if you make a playlist I'll add a link for it at the top)


alright also you made me want to nuke the game up too many nuke launcher secrets xD


this didn't age well :skull: exams be like:


new lab trainer: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xsvqt1pz0qaeyus/LAB_trainer.CT/file

we did alot today and we even fixed rapid fire for the nuke launcher and improved inf ammo! now you dont need ammo for inf ammo to work and organized the scripts section and did alot and etc check the table extras for some new stuff (and i noticed a bug with debug mode if you have it enabled and spam start levels you will eventually crash it isn't related to my trainer which is weird maybe fix that)


ok, I updated it 

how do you exactly spam start levels? ( and also.. why?)

(1 edit) (+1)

basically loading between levels has a rare chance of crashing so spam starting levels aka end game and start level will increase the chances of it happening rn we are trying to figure out the reason of it crashing using cheat engine i hope we figure out why its happening also note that it only happens when you have debug mode as seifmagdi crashed the game once he had debug mode without activating cheat engine


so far I couldn't replicate it:  I looked through the code but I cannot seem to pinpoint which part might be responsible either 馃
still it's a relief that it only seem to happen in debug mode.. has it happened more than once?


twice or thrice for my friend for me it only happened once during gameplay while testing my cheat table its so rare and subtle i doubted it would be my cheat table but i had debug mode all the time and when my friend wanted to try to replicate it he crashed right away after getting debug mode


Suggest me of what I should try to add in my cheat table (I am out of ideas lmao)


I checked and it seems you covered them all 馃憤
(it's a small game after all - there can be only so much cheats )

(2 edits) (+1)

I thought about adding a health pointer that points to the player health ik it's in float the problem is every single time i tried it would change depending on the level for some reason mind if you explain it? cuz you made the game also i wonder if anyone even uses these lmao also here is a save file to unlock all levels if you finished the game or being busy or idk https://www.mediafire.com/file/kpvgy46so6h1dyg/labData.dat/file

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm not sure if that is the right file (seem to be the game data file)

unlocking all maps is very easy, just change this entry in

unfortunately the health is stored in the player actor - and it's a dynamic object so there is no guarantee it will be in the same memory location (depends on the order it was created - which depends on where it was placed on the level)


my bad I will send the cheat table later in the same message for now I just updated my cheats guide https://www.mediafire.com/file/20e6mn4244v6nef/Cheats.txt/file get ready for an edit soon


ok, I uploaded this new one



the mantises seem harder than I remember 馃



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Damn, this game reminded me of Blake Stone and Corridor 7! xD

Got to Core Entry in one sitting, saw how many of those blue dudes I have to fight and said "Nope!". Not that they're a big problem, just a bit annoying.

If you ever get back to LAB, might I make some suggestions?

1) Add an on-screen notification about what the player picks up (ammo, armor, health, etc.), because when I break containers I sometimes don't even manage to see what was inside.

2) While I do like some of the goofier sounds (case in point, golf-ball sound when the blue guys die), they just feel a bit off, so maybe replace them? Some sounds don't have the "UMPH!" to them, like doors opening\ closing and the machine-gun firing.

3) What is that green frog\ bug gun? I get that it's more of a gimmick than anything, but what's the point? A nod at Half-Life?

4) The auto-aim tends to screw me over when I'm trying to clear out rooms while standing in the doorway. Maybe add an option to switch it off?

This one is more of a nitpick, but the sheer amount of enemies is sometimes baffling. And another nitpick: there are a ton of secrets, but they all feel same-y. Maybe add more monster-closets and ambushes?

Still, I am enjoying this game. Really feels like something from the early-to-mid 90's.


sure, I  plan to make some sequel in the future (in fact I started one but it's on hold)
3) it's kind of a ripoff of it - the new version was going to be more original:

(as a shotgun - homing missile hybrid)

4) that's odd - I don't remember adding auto aim 馃


since I have debug mode I think he is talking about the hitboxes they are so long in height that it makes you think that there is some sort of auto aim

Conclusion: there is no auto aim it's just the height of the hitboxes being long


I guess it's hard to tell with these flat maps 馃


It's pretty noticeable tho assuming the user has access to debug functions to view the hitboxes

Deleted post

yessir and if you are bored you can always come back to mess around with some nice stuff here


A solid FPS game that reminds me of Blake Stone and Wolfenstein 3D, definitely recommend playing it yourself!

7.5 out of 10

I really loved this game.If your looking for a fun DOOM style fps that you can play in a day this is it. I really liked the creature/level design and concepts, they were very creative!


Great shooter with classic style (inspired by "Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold", yeah?), thank you.

What about adding difficulty levels? Current version is very simple, can pass all game from one try.


glad you liked it!

thing is the original was somewhat harder.. mouse aiming and saving made it super easy
anyway my next game will be a lot harder and want to see how people react to that first  before updating this game (or making a sequel)

(1 edit)

Just one question - how to complete the last level with a megamind in a cage?

the boxes  are a hint: he is behind bulletproof glass
so you need a weapon that doesn't use bullets

The original riddle, I've tried all the weapons except this one

(3 edits)

Get ready for another update of my trainer for the game this time I got some help from a pro hacker I am sure he will do a lot of help I will post it here tomorrow with an edit of this comment so get ready :D also thought why not update the game and add the minigun to the game as a super mega secret that's so hard to find

Edit: I got it done

Trainer: https://www.mediafire.com/file/70ogobu3fla3aw5/LAB_trainer.CT/file

Cheats guide: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0dswxirhb0p7xwa/Cheats.txt/file

now there is a scripts section in my cheat table and if you go to table extras all hotkeys are listed there now :)

as for the cheats guide i only changed the button that must be pressed for the console since one of my friends confused it with another button :P

thank you I uploaded them (they just replaced the old ones and  there is no way to tell until you download - itch seems weird in this regard)

thing is the minigun was for LAB2 (the flash version that never got anywhere)
so I just don't know what to do with it ..  maybe I should remake the whole game in javascript
as I had a similar engine for it already so it could be played in browser again? 馃
hmm.. anyway I have plenty of plans but I want to finish Zortch first
so any improvements and new things will be after that

ok cool lol

I have always wondered what was the weird green launcher called (it shoots green looking bats) i always called it a plant launcher cuz it looked like a plant tbh xD

the idea was to have a gun that is alive so it's a creature spawning and spitting exploding flies
so like you hold it mouth first toward your foes, the three red things on top are the eyes -
but I missed an opportunity with not animating them
(it's not an original idea though - it's an almost direct ripoff of the aliens fly gun from half life 1)

oooo didnt know that at all thanks

(1 edit)

I found something funny while using debug mode so you know the final level where you have that boss that you can just 1 hit behind some bulletproof glass and there is a trap where if you try to take the weapons in that area or you kill the boss the walls will open for some enemies anyways i noticed with debug mode that i can wedge myself through without triggering the trap therefore i can get the weapons without touching the trigger of the trap making me take them safely cuz the hitbox is small for the trap/player (idk if you can fix this lol)

well.. unless you get stuck in the wall somehow and cannot move there is nothing to fix really (I don't mind exploits)

lol XD

(1 edit)

updated my trainer i added 2 new cheats rapid fire for all weapons (not really cuz the nuke launcher kind of glitches when i try to use it) and disabling all weapons (if you want a challenge XD) also here is a tip if you press CTRL+H while highlighting any of my cheats in the trainer you will see its hotkeys here is the link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c6dx7s8qneg1dm1/LAB_trainer.CT/file

also sorry for the quick updates and comments if it disturbs you mutantleg

thats ok, I uploaded the updated one
unfortunately the nuke (rocket launcher) stores the delay in the player class (the memory location keeps changing)
but I think the current setup is good enough (if you no longer hold mouse button it seem to fire normally)

(1 edit)

yeah just use the infinite ammo hotkey i guess XD

Edit: I noticed that you can use rapid fire on the nuke launcher just tap rapidly with each shot like once you see your nuke getting shot from the launcher you just tap again since there is no delay so i guess that works XD

i made a video about it with my voice!!! its pretty cool (kinda cringy but its fine)

I didn't realise you are so young (and you are already hacking stuff that's cool)

i am only 14 i started since 7 with very basic stuff XD


Here is an updated version of the cheats it includes debug mode too! thanks to mutantleg i wouldn't have known there was a debug mode
link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ez7mtdf3vtvdnzi/Cheats.txt/file

ok, I added this one as well

(1 edit)

damn you are fast (on downloads?! holy cow) also i relooked at the code after knowing there is a debug mode and now i understand why there was a random line for debug mode that includes icon1.ico XD


hey bro uhh i found some commands and cheats you left in the game here they are

Press ` to bring a console and then type these cheats and hit enter

GUN or CHEAT     = all weapons with alot of ammo

SETGUN # (1-8)   = set current gun depending on value from 1 to 8 (8 is unused minigun)

BEE or GUTHOOD   = 999 health

HP #             = set your HP if you set it to a high value you will have god mode for example like this (999999999999)

KEY              = all keycards

WATER (0 or 1)   = enable water in levels

NEXT             = skip to the next level

ENDING           = game ending

MAPTITLE (name)  = change map title to whatever you put as the name

KILL             = kill yourself

RESET or RESTART = reset the level

EXIT             = exit the game

CENTERWIN        = centers game window

good job! ( you found them on your own?)

yes i dug up the exe


Bro what i am the one who gave it to you over discord in a cheats.txt file i did the work please dont steal my work like that EVER AGAIN

ok i am sorry i will tell the truth birds over here sent me the cheats.txt file over discord i am so sorry for all this mess he dug up the exe file and checked the code i stole the work i am so sorry mutantleg if you ever see this please know that birds dug up the code of the exe :( i apologize please forgive me

(2 edits)

Its ok just dont upload it without my permission next time :) and yes i did it all myself was kinda hard at first but i got it nice game btw :D (would like to get your discord if you have one u have nice games also i want to share something special with you :) )

Excelente juego,mutantlg 

Me encant贸 demasiado es como Doom pero como que algo mejor


bro i love this game i have been playing it for 5 years now and i think we should get more levels cuse u could just beat it n 3 hours and thats boring so yeah and ur work is really good like bro what is this 

I won this game today and it's a very cool FPS game. In fact, it reminds of the 1993 fps Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold.

Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, blake was pretty much the direct inspiration

Haven't seen anyone else comment about this but controling the game with the mouse is very hard, whenever i try to use the mouse instead of the arrow keys the direction im facing in jumps around too much for me to aim.

Have you tried changing the mouse speed in options? (if that doesn't help i'll try  and patch it somehow)

thought it that at first so i set my mouse speed to a very slow speed, still happened, thought it might have to do with the game being windowed so i fullscreened it and it still happened

I added a new version v3.06 which should use the raw input from the mouse - hopefully this will fix it but at least the speed should be different this time 

thanks, ill reply to this thread if i find anything else

Good stuff, has everything you want in a Wolfenstein-like. The flooded floor was an interesting look that I haven't seen in a game like this before, would have loved to see that in more levels.

there is no shotgun in this game and it ANGERS ME xD

is it possibel to either add a shotgun to the game or just make a sequel with shotgun

thx btw this game is great

you see this is a Wolf3D clone (or more like a Blakestone clone)
and these games didn't have shotguns.. that is the main reason for its absence
(the sort-of-sequel will have one but its nowhere close to be released)

anyway glad you enjoyed it!

ok thx

Hey MutantLeg, I used your textures on a game I made. Thank you very much! I credited you on my itch page and in my game credits. 

Heres the game if your curious;


Nice game! (i somehow got through level 6 and won apparently .. ok i played on easy)

Thanks for playing!

I hope I was able serve as a decent showcase for your excellent textures, I did alter a few of them to grayscale so I could set the colors dynamically. 

Glad you liked it :) 

You know, i just remembered: i actually made a tileable version of the rock texture
Uploaded it just now: https://opengameart.org/content/lab2-alpha-textures-tile006png
(and also some others, maybe you can get some use from it)

Thanks :)

This was awesome! I wish there was an option to lock the Y axis to keep it like the original Wolf3D, I think the original version forced that (never played it, just assuming from description) so it's a shame not to see it here as an option.
Apart from that however, it's got genuine fun to use weapons (I love throwing a grenade in a crowded room and leaving  :D) and well designed enemies that are fun to fight (or terrifying, those mantis things that just flood the room with stars..)

And best of all, the level design is great, so much was accomplished with grid based single height levels. Completed it in one sitting, it felt just long enough to be satisfying.

Glad you enjoyed it!
You can play with locked Y:  just turn off mouse aim in the options (under mouse)
(by default you fire with Z in this mode, you can also change that under keys)

Oh my bad :)

I love it, it's similar to Wolfenstein or Doom or Doom 2, some of my favourite "retro" games. It feels like John Ramero himself worked on it.

Rather good Wolfenstein clone. I recently reviewed it in this video. My only issue was with the very quiet sound (I have the same issue with Nekkrobox)

Thank you for the review! (and i'm glad you enjoyed it!)
I'll get my sound act together I promise!

Audio seems off, I can barely hear the sound effects, but the music comes out fine.

Do you have them both at 100% volume in options?
if so can you check if you have the same problem in https://mutantleg.itch.io/nekkrobox ?
  (unless you don't feel like it)

Yes, they were both at 100%, and Nekkrobox also had the same issue. I was using headphones at the time, if that matters.

Can you tell me some info about your system specs? Like what sort of soundcard (or mainboard) you got, what OS etc?

(1 edit)

Win 10, GTX 1070, 8GB RAM, quad Intel i5-7400 CPU, MT5531

Thank you for your help!
I added  a new version: v3.05
(it's somewhat experimental though)


Hi mutantleg, do you have an email that I can contact you privately on, regarding LAB?

sure: mutantleg(at)gmail.com

absolutely LOVE the game! Very well put together! I'm excited to see where you go from this! Would love to play the game for a twitch stream and interview the Dev!

i'm glad you like it!
i made many games since lab, but none of them got this much attention (i wonder why this one got any)
if you like fps games you might be interested in my latest one: https://mutantleg.itch.io/nekkrobox

dude you are an incredible dev! please keep things up!

Hello, I'm unable to install the game via Itch installer, I'm getting "No manager for installer unknown", not sure if it's Itch or game problem, so I have already written a ticket to Itch team, here is the report: https://dale.itch.ovh/kbXN5keN8VqTJVMKgBF5y8EKbfBOaLyWgkuGO2R2TvpMfkTNhfjyiVeXpS...

I'd like to try the game, please help :)

Hello, thank you for catching this bug!

I somehow figured it out and it's almost amusing:
turns out it was because the filetype was uppercase
(so .ZIP gives this error but .zip is fine)
(and strangely enough it worked well on the old Itch App,
i guess they broke something with some update? oh well)

Enjoy the game!

Awesome! Game install and starts correcly now, thank you! : )

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