A downloadable game for Windows

LAB V3.0 is a full remake of  the original lab, rebuilt from scratch it sports new features such as:
- mouse aiming
- saving and loading 
- high resolution hardware accelerated graphics (original was low res and software rendered)
- supports 4K monitors
- reconfigurable controls
(also enemies are now tougher)

Older versions (playable in browser):
V 2.0 https://mutantleg.itch.io/lab
V 1.0 https://bigdino.com/play/1605/LAB

Check out Wobblyfootgamer's full walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1lDkFRmW4BUNUL64WHnDVsvn7I3BMW6C

09/12/2018 - V3.01 Patch - fixing minor issues
09/21/2018 - V3.02 Patch - improved guns and fx

Published Dec 12, 2017
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, Monsters, Pixel Art, Remake
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


LAB_v30.ZIP 4 MB
LAB_v301.ZIP 4 MB
LAB_v302.ZIP 4 MB

Development log


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Pt 3 of our walk through. We take on the mantis (manti?) 

Uhoh, i guess i made the mantis too tough after all.. 
but there is no trick or puzzle they just have a lot of health

Tough yes, but I'm determined to take them down even if it means 3 hours! No video this week but next monday will be the new one!


Part 2 of the walkthrough. No glitches this time! (At least I hope not lol) happy watching! 

Yay!  Glitches are on me this time, the flooded lab didn't add the water .. i better patch that.. (as soon as i figure out why that happens that is)
Anyway,  the health counting down is another one of those fps tropes im so used to it never occured to me it wont be obvious (it counts back to 100 if you got too much,  you are not poisoned or anything.. but then again you are eating sandwiches off the floor so who knows)

Awesome game! We take out Guy Smiley in our first LAB missions! Kudos mutant....

Thanks!  The picture seems to stop at about 11 30  though :(
These vids help a lot actually, i never thought that it wouldn`t be
obvious that you can change guns (i've been playing way too many fps games)

Of course. Credit where its due.  Yeah, it stopping is embarrassing, I have no clue why it did that..I'll address that in the video coming today...Same here!

Woooooot, It's back, it's been upgraded it's as good as ever and it's Monster-Tastic.



I've finished Lab V3 and loved it. Thank you so much for the mention in the credits *claps* and parts 5 to 15 are uploading now. It's 00:35 time  and for sleeps



Woah, you steamrolled through em pretty quickly (even the Mantis boss didn't gave you trouble) Anyways, glad you enjoyed it!

It was great to play Lab V3. I'm going to have chat with a few friends as i'd like to see 1 or 2 of mobs as an actual cuddly toy. I'll be in touch. :)