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You are a tough as nails detective in the 1920s out to find clues or leads on a mystery of sort but alas end up in a castle full of purple horrors who bite, spit on you, call you names,  demonetize your videos .. the very worst things one can imagine
and on top of that  Chutulu keeps prank calling you ..

This game will make you go mad just by knowing it exist  .. or just make you bored and snort a lot .. either way, have fun!

Goodies: Devlog Textures

Update: added new version with minor fixes
Update2: found a rarely occurring movement bug, added a fixed version

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Tagscthulhu, Destruction, First-Person, FPS, Funny, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Low-poly, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Nekkrobox_v1_02.zip 20 MB


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what engine was this coded in?!

it's a custom engine (written in c++  and uses these libs: opengl, openal, stb_image, miniz, pugixml)

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Cool game!

Cool vid!
and you actually took the time to defeat the spider too.. I greatly underestimated players

are there older versions available for this game?

no, sorry, but they were pretty much the same (only bugfixes were added)

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Played the first 10 mins or so, really fun but there was no gun sounds and it was very distracting. I could hear the reload sound, but firing the gun would make no noise. The monsters were also surprisingly quiet, they would make occasional gross noises but they felt kinda quiet (though that might just be caused by the lack of gun noises), making every gun fight feel kinda awkward and broken. Anyone else have the same issue?


yes it has been mentioned by others too  .. they are there just very quiet
(I just seem to have trouble with sounds in  all my games
and have not figured out why yet: for now sorry about the inconvenience)

Great and short game. definitely reminds me of cruelty squad.very good

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I enjoyed what you have here enough I'd honestly like to see it expanded into a full game.

It's a really solid old-school style FPS 



pretty neat but the sound design could use some work


Its so awesome XDDDDDD


Short, sweet, and very well-designed with plenty of humor.  Would definitely recommend.


It's very short and simple, but something about the atmosphere really pulled me in. I'd love to see a full game set in this world with this kind of atmosphere and gameplay.

quisiera que hubiera un segunda parte del juego.

termine el juego juego el jefe final fue un reto pero lo termine.

me gustaría que los archivos que los archivos del juegos estuvieran en una carpeta llamada Nekkrobox_Data.

apropósito si me gusto en juego.

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glad you enjoyed it!

if you want to look at the game files: the data.dat is actually just a .zip file

(btw i relied on google translate to try to figure out what you mean: i'm not sure i fully understood the data part)

has pensado hacer una segunda parte de nekkrobox  el juego es interesante tiene un buena jugabilidad y tendría mas jefes, mas enemigos pero se dejarían los mismos, con nuevos enemigos me refiero no se como un clon del protagonista un monstruo volador con  alas que disparare las bolas rojas, una versión de los ojos morados pero que dispare laser de color rosa no se.

si lo piensas por favor me escribes  :)

well I'm working on a game with the same engine which puts Nekkrobox to shame when it comes to features and gun and monster count .. not exactly a sequel but a game in the same spirit (still horror just a sci-fi setting this time)
but it will be a long time until it gets released

here are a few teaser screenshots:

sebe que estará bueno gracia 


hola mutantleg solo quería preguntar que aplicación  o sistema usaste para hacer el juego de nekkrobox.

visual studio c++  with libs: opengl for 3D, openal for sound, also: pugixml, stb_image, miniz

Good game.

is there any way to run this game without admin rights, some games on this website do, I really want to play this game but the owner of this laptop doesn't give me admin rights


I guess not yet (I was not aware this was an issue until now)

if you give some examples of games here that you can run without admin rights I'll look into how they did it

The 5th beta for Ravenfield doesn't require it, your game "lab" doesn't also require it, I really like the look of the game and its gameplay looks interesting

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Thank you, i've been looking into it and so far it's caused by a sort of restriction of where programs can save files, hopefully that's all to it (still it might take a while to get it work)

(the remake (https://mutantleg.itch.io/lab-v30) or the original?)

I have trouble reproducing it for some reason (tried standard user in Win10 and worked, tried on another pc with Win7 both standard and guest user and neither had trouble starting)
so I need a bit more info about your setup: just simple things like what version of windows you are using, if there any antivirus installed that might be the cause, is the itchi.io app is installed and has the same problems etc.

I'm pretty sure the original lab doesn't require admin rights, haven't checked out the remake though, I'm using windows 8.1, no antiviruses installed, I'll install the itch.io app later to see if it has the same problems, still thank you for your effort and feedback

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I dug out my old win8.1 tablet (maybe it wasn't wasted money after all :)

and managed to reproduce the problem with the guest user

The app seems to be the workaround: I had no trouble installing the app and starting it with that one; did it work on your end?

(also I hid the old versions because the app was preferring them for some reason)

Very nice, you really got something going on with this engine of yours.


this was pretty fun to speedrun. might wanna fix the glitch that makes you go faster when walking/running diagonally though.


I'm not sure I should.. after all it's  tradition in FPS to run faster diagonally (or at least it used to be)

what kind of engine did you use for this game?


it's a custom engine (c++ and opengl)

Hi! I am contacting creators/developers on behalf of a graduate researcher studying how Lovecraft is represented in games. If you have time to complete a 10-minute survey about Nekkrobox, please send a message to: masonsmith [at] tamu [dot] edu.



Why you don't propose to pay for your game, it seems to be really nice!

this was a very fun game however i had to take my headphones off lol. i like the feel of the gameplay, it reminds me a lot of quake. the open world level design is also very cool. but there is one problem that is hard to put to words, polish. i cant really describe it but a lot of things just feel thrown together. for example the face being poorly cropped, or there not being a melee. however, once you polish the game up it will be fantastic

Man that's ironic, a whole lot of polish went into it (you should have seen the old versions) 
but alas  shipping is cutting

Great game, wished that unity games we're like these games

Nice vid! Indeed, unity is a two edged sword

This was actually interesting.  A quick little shoot-em up game.  Some of the sound volumes were off like the sound of the pistol and enemies were extremely silent. However, after reading the comments it looks like that was intentional.  I like the little humor aspect of it.  If the developer(s) polish this up more and add more levels, it's a game I'd visit again.  

Attached is my game play video.  It's the first game in the video. 

Cool playthru! 
Nah, i just suck at sound fx

The problem with this is I see great potential here but the whole "bad on purpose" thing always rubs me the wrong way. I think this could be up there with retro fps games like Dusk if you polished a few things here and there. enjoyed it for what it was though so well done.

This was so amazingly atmospheric!

It was really fun!


Cool playthrough! (btw yes it's a burp sound)

I'm hoping there not being a shotgun and the pistol sounding absolutely quiet was intentional to make the game 'bad on purpose' or the sort? Why is the pistol sound design so....weak? It hurts.

Actually I like the pistol sound so dunno.. but the goal was to make a bad game so i guess it's fitting then

(also the R for jump, F to crouch is because I used to play Duke3D a lot and I found those keys were most convenient when moving with WASD .. I mean yea R is the first letter of reload and so on but my fingers were having none of it)

Hmm, I just always changed the controls back-then when playing those games, though Duke3D wise I probably played it more on the N64 than on any other platform lol

That was fun!  I especially love the ominous atmosphere and depiction of Lovecraftian monsters.  You also did an excellent job on the graphics engine, too.  I'm impressed:)

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Thank you!
(also your game is waaay cooler than this one :)

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Wow!  Thanks for the compliments:)   I don't know about  "cooler", but I'm flattered, nonetheless.:)

However,  you've created your own 3D  engine for the job; that takes way more talent than I have!:)

Haha, this was fun! Great ending!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Dont know anything about chutulu or love craft probably would of made more sense if i did but still it was ok 

Thanks! (apparently me neither)