A downloadable game for Windows

We find Lara .. but not that Lara! (for copyright reasons) in a new adventure
on her quest for finding the *drumroll* Fountain of Youth !  


Anyway this is a short game that i planned to be a lot bigger until  (my personal) flu season had a say in it, for now i'm glad i was able to put together a release somehow .. enjoy!

V1.03 - finally figured out what was wrong with the sound,
also fixed lightmaps to be brighter


MortuaryFreebooter.zip 4 MB
MortuaryFreebooter_103.zip 4 MB

Development log


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I havenot had the time to even download this. Is that a problem I can blame you for and get help feedback on?

No worries (it's not really worth anyones time imho i was just glad to have something  "finished" ) 
(only thing i'm worried about if the sound is broken for real)

Is this the same mutantleg that created lab V2 and V3, if so then it's great to hear from you again and sorry for the flu season having a delay in things. If it's any concelation, i've had it as well. 

I've had a play and  there is no audio, is that how the project stands at this stage?


yea (its the same account afterall)
thats strange there supposed to be sounds (and underwater ambient)