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Probably just a false positive for the flash projector
You can just download the swf itself and find a flash player yourself if your don't trust it:
(ever since they started using AI to detect new viruses all hell brooke loose and people started getting positives for hello world apps)


Thanks for keeping this game Alive! One of the best flash games.



I featured this game in my video 


Nice vid!
I was not sure how to call that gun, it was going to be called the "Waymaker" originally but it sounded kinda lame so i just didn't name the guns in the end (less work)
calling it the truman gun sounds way funnier also .. and i actually picked a quote based on that .. but i guess it's weird out of context
.. dunno lemme know if you want a different one instead
sorry about the weapon resetting thing - this game is just like doom in many ways after all - but i think i fixed it in V3

Perfect quote to choose. Glad I made an entertaining video.


I have no idea why I can play this game probably because I still can use adobe flash for some unknown reason


i hope you find out a way for us to play this when flash is over this game is 10 out of 10 


Glad you enjoyed it!
I already did: there is the downloadable projector version and also the remake


Noice Game


I cannot beat Area 6.

Can anybody help me?

I cannot find the Exit Door.

To contact me:

Discord: UzyklyTheSavage

Instagram: uzyklythesavage



You need to grab the green key from behind the large structure,
then find the red key inside, the exit is behind the red door ..  err
just check out wobbly's walkthru of the area:


Thanks for the Video MutantLeg, but I found a hack, I hold on to MUT,thanks for the clip tho :D


i have played many doom clones, but this, this is one of the best ones out there, 5/5

cant beat lv 3

sorry to hear that, so how you got stuck? or found a bug?

cant get past the imps(dont know what you call them) at the end of the level

oh .. well uh .. i don't have an exact tactic for taking them out

here is a cheat though: in the map select you can hold down M U T to unlock all maps (and  then just skip map 3)


lvl 1 machine gun. Legit.

No seriously. Play this game.


HOL UP, this is the same dude who made Cat Stretch!


I even reused the same explosion sprite




This game is awesome!!!


Haha i love it


Very Nice game!!!

Check my video : 



extremely funny and exciting game!


Impressive achievement in general terms but it's a rather stale concept , FP - shoot things , open ddors , collect things - health , armour.

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This was pretty fun, though not being able to mouse look was super frustrating. Also, being able to save my game somehow would be nice. I had to stop playing because it was 5 am.

Check out the remake with mouselook and saving:


should have made it mouse to aim

Let me recommend you the remake which has mouse aim:


So nice! !0/10


This is a lot of fun! Takes me back to the Wolf3D/Blake Stone days.

I made a gameplay on my channel.The game is realy awesome and fun,but I only played 2 levels.I realy recommend this game for Doom fans!


Glad you enjoyed it!
(also offtopic protip because i recently found this out myself trying to make trailers and stuff:
you can use Streamlabs to record gameplay videos for offline stuff without streaming,
its tricky to set up for some games but it doesn't leave an overlay like bandicam does)

Thanks for the help,I realy appreciate that!!! 0.0

This game is super fun!!! I had not expected to find myself running through the entire game. The controls were a bit weird to me at first because I had initially never played a game like this, but I eventually got used to it. This is a great time killer and I will probably come back to this game very soon. I haven't been able to beat the last level yet tho.

How would I even know if I found the super secret on the first level? I know you won't tell me, nor do I want you to. Maybe an obscure clue?

that is easy: there is a hidden weapon 6 in it
(everything you need to find it is before the hallway with the mosquitoes)

5:24 am... i play with just one death at end level!

It's awesome! I come back in wolf3d childhood!

Thanks you author!

glad you liked it

can somebody help me get the game on my laptop

sure, what you need help with?


what are the controls?

W A S D (or arrow keys) and X Y Z

Thank you!

I didn't like some of the controls

Check out the new version where they are reconfigurable:

really fun, very similar to doom

doom mod

doom mod

great game

fun game but the difficulty is weird, most of the time it's easy, but there are massive spikes in difficulty when some boss enemies show up

This was a pretty cool game.  The main reason that I wanted to try this one out is that I saw that you can get a Cthulu gun and I really wanted to try that out.  Great game and I hope you keep doing what you love!

Glad you enjoyed it!  (Btw may i use quotes from your vid on this page?)

I'm glad that you enjoyed, and yes feel free to you my quotes!

I know this has been out a while but I thought Id give a play and I loved it. I do like these old style games. It took a while to get to grips with the controls but after that is damn good fun playing. I also played it in full screen and it did look cool.

Thank You

Here's my playlist



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Nice walkthrough! (is it ok with you if i quote from it and put it on this page? )

Also for other people who might have trouble running it in fullscreen in the future: press Ctrl+F or select Show All under View in the menu
(this is for the exe only, the original had fullscreen disabled back then for performance reason)

I'm afraid v3.0 is not coming anytime soon as people decided to kill flash and i'm still po'd about that :/

Oh wow. thanks for the message. Sure, please feel free to use the videos etc wherever. I've posted them to youtube,, and have a few more places to post to (tumblr, linkedin, vk, google+ and another 8 or so Social Sites) as I would like to to see if I can drum up some more visitors for you but I loved the game and I think you did a bloody good job developing it in flash. I think flash is still good for another few years so don't stop. At some point someone will release a flash converter app (possibly) to say html5 but we never know.

Yeah, I tried ctr+f, alt+enter and managed to get it into full screen on a 36 inch Panasonic Vierra 5000 and I thought it looked pretty damn cool but I couldn't get back to full screen once minimized. It could be a bug with the full screen option I suppose but yeah, use the videos when and wherever.

Do you have a donation url as well? I'd be more than happy to make a donation. You have put a lot of time and effort into lab V2.0 and I think it's only fair.

version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* version 3 *clap* *clap* 




Fullscreen on a 4k? No wonder it looked so small on the first vid O_o

Well the game already had its run on the usual flash sites,  and don't worry about donations as  it was a sponsored game after all
(also you can check out v1 on the sponsors site as well:

The thing is with v3 for me to be able to add the most wanted features (e.g mouselook) i would need to rewrite the game in something else first and abandon flash (as it doesn't have this feature where you can lock the mouse on the screen, and now it seems unlikely it ever will)
still it might come out one day but certainly not in the near future, thing is its a question of free time and not of money

just get the itch app 

Download link please?

Well done game! I'm eager to see version 3. Keep up the good work and maybe eventually you'll have a version with more weapons, characters, a back story, and an ability to save the game.

I'm looking forward to reviewing that version on

This is really cool...:)

good effort, LIKE


Very nice 3d game ive been looking into 3d with flash

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