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"You know the AI is a f---in enigma to me" - MasterofRoflness

Four brain-in-a-jar based commanders are buried in various places in the world

Three of them goes crazy and it's up to Red to stop them

Pretty much your standard RTS

(but with less unit types and more insanity)

System Requirements: Windows XP at least ( tested on 7, 8 and 10)


Patch v1.01 - Performance improvements

Patch v1.02 - Improved zoom, various fixes

Patch v1.03 - Various fixes and gameplay tweaks

Patch v.104 - Window related fixes

Be sure to check out TaxOwlbear's complete playthrough

(also if you made a video yourself feel free to post it in the comments, any insight, complaint or bug report is welcome)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D, Fast-Paced, Low-poly, Parody, Real-Time, Real time strategy, Short, Singleplayer, Tanks
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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If you don't mind me asking, what engine, sdk, or kit did you use to create this game, or was it something you made custom from scratch? 

It's a custom engine from scratch, it uses OpenGL for gfx, OpenAl and stb_vorbis for sound,  also  pugixml, stb_image and miniz.c

this is not claimable ,pleasw fix it .

I would love to, but could you elaborate a bit? (I checked logged out of itch.io and it can be downloaded alright)

Normally there's a 'claim' button not a 'download' button.

Yes it can be downloaded but it can't be "claimed" .

If it can't be "claimed" then it doesn't stay in ones Itch account ,it's just a fly-by-night one-time download :)

I searched through the settings and help but i still don't have a solution.. Maybe claim only works if someone actually paid for the game? Until that miracle happens i won't know for sure, y'all have to be contempt with just keeping it in your collection i'm afraid (it will stay pay-what-you-want forever anyway)

This one was posted on reddit ,y'see ,it has a "download or claim" button.


as opposed to just a ' download' button.

To be honest i'm not 100% sure what the different download methods mean ,someone just told me that it has to have a "claim" button if you want to have it permanently stored in your Itch library.

Anyway first world problems methinks :)

Thanks for the game !!

It seems that game had a price at one point and went on sale (and was not just pay-what-you-want from the beginning like this one)
Anyway if anyone is still hellbent on claiming just contact me somehow (like pm me on reddit or send a mail to mutgame(at)gmail.com ) and i'll send you a key

Just click on "Add to collection" in the final download page.

(2 edits)

yeh but i think 'add to collection' will just add the game page ,it won't add the game unless it is "claimed".

well... that's what i've read somewhere .

This is quite excellent!

Lowpoly Starcraft? That's some hardcore flattery, thank you!

I agree. deserves a TIP for the creator!