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An old lost project (back from 2013) where everything that could go wrong went wrong  as many of you will soon find out no doubt

Long story short I made an all new engine forcing myself to add  bizarre features such as saving everything on all maps (every coin you can collect is unique)

It was meant to be an open-world platformer, where you can re-visit maps as many times as you want and in the same time it tried to be one of those hard fast-paced die in one-hit platformers that were popular at the time

In the end the code was a bloated mess, the graphics were all over the place in quality but the gameplay was sort of ok .. and the boss with the large legs turned out cool

(i "fixed" some of the problems for this re-release -- the frame skipping code never worked out so now its 60fps all the time but i believe all current machines can take it)

Co-developed by Enotick (level design)  who I'd like to give a special thanks to for putting up with my antics

Special thanks for sogood.com for sponsoring the game back then

(and also i totally ripped off the end boss from the first Shadow of the Beast .. check it out!)

Update: added return to hub world button

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Tags2D, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


PlanetOfHurtStandalone.zip 11 MB
PlanetOfHurtStandalone_old.zip 10 MB

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I did enjoy the game after I figured out how to get it to work.  I liked exploring the world and collecting the different powers. The controls remind of Little Big Planet in how you have to be mindful of your momentum.  

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get past this certain stage because it freezes whenever I try to leave the screen (I posted a screenshot).  I tried to reset my save and reinstall the game but both methods brought me back to the same level.  I still recommend other people check this out though.  Thank you!

This is the level I was referring to:

(3 edits)

Thanks for the heads up, I couldn't reproduce it but added a work around: I added a button to return to the starting area
(new version is the PlanetOfHurtStandalone.zip)
let me know if it gives you more trouble!

Thank you!