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New! Standalone version added (superlate)

Update: added pre alpha version (believe it or not:  the game
was originally started as a scifi shooter about slugs with guns)


Guthood_projector.zip 10 MB
guthood_prealpha_gunstropod.zip 7 MB

Development log


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Hello Mutantleg,

My name is Yuho and I'm studying game design at BUAS. For this study I need to research games to learn from them and with this knowledge make our own game. One of the games I decided to research is Guthood, this is why I'd like to ask you some questions about Guthood to use in my research.


sure thing, ask away (you can email me at mutantleg(at)gmail.com)

Not a bad little game.  It's fun, good fun for platforming masters.

What a cracking little game. I did a quick play video and I gota say I had a lot of fun. 

Another great game from mutantleg.



Thanks for trying it out!